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Our School Management Software can easily manage the affairs of school. All aspects of the school are considered here such as – admission, fees, accounts, examination and marksheet, reports of the students, employee, assets, resources, activities, SMS, smart student management system and also student attendance management system. The school management system can also be known as student management software because software can manage various records of the students. SchoolNx promoted as an ideal school management software with modules that handle all aspects of your school.  It offers a complete, fully customized student database management system ideal for schools, colleges, universities, training centers, and Educational Institutes. The software is essential for management, while teachers, parents, and students benefit from its integrated android and IOS application.

With the SchoolNX every department of the school works smoothly and saves time, resources, and money. SchoolNx is the best institute management software and best management programme software. 

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Reasons to choose our Institute Management Software

A perfect student fees management software, to manage your school smartly, also, it reduces complexity and serves the information simply.


This software is very easy to understand and learn for freshers and anyone can easily work on its modules.

Single /Multi-User Option

With the single/multi-user options it becomes easy for operators to perform the different tasks at the same time without wastage of time.

Increased Security

Security is the most important factor related to data and we are making it more secure and confidential with our user permissions option.

Minimized Fraud

This software helps to minimize fraud in terms of fees or others.

Best Price Guarantee

In the field of School Management Software, vertical solutions offer the SchoolNX at such an affordable price with so many features. This is the best deal you can get.

SMS Integration 

The SMS integration plan helps parents to get the notification for admission, fee receipt, due amount reminder, Attendance and helps management to provide the information with a single click.

Customer Support

SchoolNX team provides 24*7 customer support. The customer support team solves every query within a couple of minutes and provides training to your operator. It helps do all the required setup in every new session year.

List of the services best student information management software provides

Student information management system 

A typical task for the management team of a school is to maintain the records of students. You can use the student management system to record the student related data. One can add, edit, examine and delete the information of a particular student or also in bulk. 

This best student data management software allows schools to record personal details, information of parents and guardians, academic information, and transfer certificate. You can manage the admission process and TC when the student completes his/her studies. Importing the excel data of students is also available in the school management software, updation of student records in bulk is also available. In the management software you can promote the students from one academic year to another academic year. Also, you can easily issue the TC, i-card and other certificates to students. RTE students list is also generated and customized for the reports category wise, age wise, caste wise and others. 

Easily manage the fees collection process

The very difficult task in every school is maintaining the fees. With the help of the fee management software, it becomes very easy to maintain and collect the fees of students. The student fees management system in school management software provides the best solution to schools to maintain their fees collection and reporting process. The school management software is the best student management system.  

Our software reporting enables for many types of reports based on class, head, due fee, and others. SchoolNx software allows us to define different fees categories. Also, our academy management software provides updated reports of fees collection and due list of students and many others. Highlighted features of tuition fee management software or fee management system- 

  • Defaulters can be informed by software.
  • Fee receipts and duplicate receipts are generated.
  • Fee payment submission details are sent to parents via SMS.

Exam and Marksheet management 

Our school management software exam module allows teachers to make marksheet of the students. The results can be distributed in mark-based, grade-based, or a combination of both formats. Exam Management Module ensures that results are available to students much faster in the educational institute management system. Our school management software examination module allows teachers to generate marksheets from class nursery to 12th. Examination module allows easy and quick ways to enter the marks of students. 

You can watch student management software free demo on youtube.

School time table management system 

In general the time table in schools is prepared manually. It is very difficult to manage the time table manually. There are several difficulties faced to make a time table manually, such as you can allot two subjects to a teacher at same time. With the help of our school management software the management team can make better and faster decisions. After time table creation if you want to make some changes, you can make them manually. You can view the time table class wise and teacher wise. 

Management of Library

In educational institute management software you can keep track of books issued and received by the students and staff. This can reduce the manual work process. The whole process can be managed just through clicks. Our school management software maintains the records of issued books. 

Accounts management in best erp software for educational institutes

Accounting module of the best education management software or school management software is designed to easily maintain all accounting reports. Many schools have multiple bank accounts. With the help of our institute management software any user can add multiple bank accounts and track every account separately. In the account management software, most of the required reports are available. The school accounting software helps to generate reports like profit and loss statements, Balance sheet, ledgers, etc. Also, schools can keep track of expenses, payments, vouchers and so on. 

Management of Transport 

In the erp software for schools you can easily manage the transportation. The software keeps information of vehicles, details of drivers, students availing transport facility and expenses incurred. You can also generate the due list or defaulters of the students using the transport facility.

Student attendance management 

The free student attendance management software gives an easy way to track the attendance of the students. Attendance management module empowers effective management of attendance of students. Teachers keep records of student attendance on a daily basis. Users can send messages to the present and absent students. The classroom attendance software facilitates biometric attendance entry. This software is a student management platform and is the best student management software or student attendance software

Staff and salary management 

By using education management software it becomes easy to manage data of employees and record their salary and other details. Teachers are the most important part of every institute. Managing and maintaining the records associated with them is incredibly important. The employee management module of our school management software helps the school to record all types of information such as qualification and personal details. 

In this module attendance of the employees can also be managed. This module of our school management software is an ideal module to record the attendance of the staff of school. Here you can also generate the list of employees. The software is suitable for both the large schools with multiple branches and as well as for small schools. Also, you can manage the salary of employees. Any organization finds managing salaries to be a challenging undertaking. It includes a number of steps, including calculating attendance, leave, salary heads, tax deductions, EPF, and others.

Activity Management

Our education management erp software’s activity module enables schools to promote activities and programmes, such as sports events, art competitions, rangoli competitions, annual day celebrations, student tours, etc. Also, Keeps track of the activities of the students in a systematic way. The results of the competitions are also generated in this module. 

Resources and Inventory Management

There are various assets in schools. Such as furniture, lab equipment, books and many more. The resources management module of the best school management software plays an important role to manage your school assets very effectively. You can keep a track on all of your school assets and their details. With the help of education asset management software you can generate different types of reports to analyze the stock and details of the assets.

SchoolNX Application- Student management application 

Moving towards digitalization Vertical solution is launching its own SchoolNX application. “Because we feel that no pandemic can become an obstacle in the path of our bright future” With this thought we are presenting an Application for teachers and parents. So that they can study from home and be safe from covid-19. The SchoolNX application- application of student management system is designed keeping in mind all the necessary aspects and facilities of the schools. 

Features of SchoolNX Application- A web application for student management system

SchoolNX application is one among the classroom management apps for teachers. Following are the main features of application of student management system


An easy feature to get student’s attendance while parents can easily monitor their child’s activity.

Academic Calendar 

Here, parents and students can easily know about their yearly holidays, exam dates, school activities, events, etc.

Notes on Diary (Homework) 

In this module, students are daily getting homework from their subject teachers.

Online Fees Payment

With the digitalization and increasing trend of online payment, School management sends the due amount on parents’ mobile phones and now parents can pay the fees online with their mobile phone only.


Another feature of the student management system app is notice. School notice is easily available online to know each & every notification from school management. 

Photo gallery 

Here we are offering a photo gallery for students and teachers’ class-wise and school wise gallery. So, they cannot miss out at any moment.


It is the easiest function for teachers to communicate with any of the students in their class.


Our school management software helps to save paperwork load and saves your time. The data of students is easily accessible. Using school management software is the best way to store data. Also, the erp software for schools helps to generate reports in a single click. And you can easily manage the administration. School Management Software has become a requirement for every school in the modern world.

Contact us now to have a free demo of school management software. You are going to use the best institute management software after watching our free demo.

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