RetailPOS Management Software

Retail Point of Sale Software helps you to run your business today as well as the features you need to grow your business tomorrow. Analyze inventory levels on an item-by-item basis. You can analyze sales data, figure out how well all the items on your shelves sell, and adjust purchasing levels accordingly, Improve pricing accuracy.

Below is a list of just a few of the features available in retail software.

1. General Setup

It is the initial stage where all the initial setup such as company name, date, units of measurements are specifying here. This is the one-time entry that saves time.

2. Enlist product details

Here you can describe your product with their price and distinguish them according to their grades.

3. Export to excel

This option is really very useful for excel users. They do not worry to make entries on regular basis. Only they have to do is to complete the product list on excel and import it to the software.

4. Maintain stock

Easy to maintain stocks with every single entry of purchase, purchase return, sales, sales return, Stock details. No need to maintain the bundle’s books of accounts and find the data by turning of papers.

5. Invoice & vouchers

Create invoices and vouchers in a few steps. Just a single click helps you to create the vouchers without any long tax calculations. You can also create quotations with the help of RetailPOS.

6. Easy to Print

RetailPOS has a basic setup of print the reports and vouchers directly through the software. Without shifting data to your PC.

7. Account

Every business is based on profit & loss and maintains the accounts is a very important and difficult part of the entity. So, now you need not worry about the RetailPOS software where you get the Auto accounts. No need to manage manual accounts and the headache of tally each and every entry. Here you get the audit level accounts from a voucher entry to the balance sheet. Tally your stock monthly details.

8. Security

Everyone is afraid of data as nowadays data is the most crucial part of the organization. As the data contain all the safe and secure information of the organization. Here we offer the best security system to secure your data with multiple users and passwords.

9. Auto backups

RetailPOS offers the Auto backup, that you have a backup of every working and you can change it very well with the working.


RetailPOS is a medium to just turn your manual working with software and try to put yourself in the field of digital marketing. So, convert your business into digital and smooth working with us.

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