Kirana Management Software

Kirana Management Software

This system helps you keep pace within an industry that’s always changing. Wholesale and Retail Kirana Solution for those who’ve built their business on meeting customer needs and who don’t want the hassles of managing a complicated software system.

Easy Features of Kirana Management system –

1. Easy setup 

Kirana management has an easy setup to enter units, items, item groups, godowns, dalali, Ledger, etc.

2. Godown maintenance 

This helps the owner to maintain multiple godowns and their item-wise details.

3. Voucher Entries 

No need to maintain a manual purchase or sales book. Create a voucher using Kirana management software. It includes purchase, purchase return, sales, sales return, cash sales, Bank receipt, bank payment, cash receipt, cash payment, Contra entry, Journal, and scrap.

4. Update vouchers

You can easily update vouchers which makes your work easier.

5. Reports

The most important work is to get the reports and know your financial positions as well as your stock conditions. So, get the stock reports, cash reports, bank reports, godowns report, ledger, trial balance, and the balance sheet.

6. Print

Get the vouchers and reports directly print from the software. No need to save them in the PC and get your storage full.

7. Pending order reports

Get to know the scheduled orders report and deliver them on time by the pending order reports.

8. Security

No headache of data to get corrupted or theft by anyone. Secure your data by various user and user permissions according to their working. User has their own user name and permissions. Users are only responsible for their own work.

9. Backup

Easy to have your data’s backup automatic. It is so to maintain the records. Records of daily working.


Have you read the above post? If you are thinking of purchasing Kirana management software to make your work easier. Then try this software which is going to be beneficial for your business.

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